• 5 days
  • Thu - Wed, 5 - 11 Sep 2024
  • 9:30am - 6:30pm
  • Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan
  • €1175

Combined Foundation and Intermediate level courses in Chocolate Tasting.


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Course details

The Combined Level 1 Plus & Level 2 Certificate in Chocolate Tasting course consists of more than 40 hours including exam, correction of tasks and delivery of certifications.

The courses include:

  • 5 Lunches
  • Theoretical teaching material
  • Practical teaching material
  • Exam fees
  • Exam
  • Certification
  • Gadgets

Early Bird discount: 1105€ / TWD 38805 (valid for registrations made until July 18)

Monica Meschini will teach the course in English with translation to Mandarin. For more information and registration, contact Monica Meschini directly by email at info@monicameschini.com.

Payment of the course fees can be done in Euros (1175€) or TWD ($41245).

Combined Level 1 Plus & Level 2

About the course

The Combined course takes you directly through to Intermediate level in a concentrated five day workshop course.

Level 1 Plus provides in introduction to a sensorial approach to chocolate tasting and a good grounding in chocolate tasting, including tasting of several different origin or blended fine dark chocolate bars, tasted in different forms for an understanding of aroma, length, texture and taste.

The second day finishes with a 30 minute multiple choice exam for Level 1 Plus based on the course content. Certificates will be issued upon achieving a pass mark.

The Level 2 intermediary course explores the world of fine and origin chocolate in greater depth, looking in detail at the styles of different chocolate makers and different approaches to chocolate making, from micro-batch to large scale. Treatment and flaws in cacao are examined as well as the chocolate production chain and how these contribute to flavour.

The course explores on chocolate history with an emphasis on taste and the current chocolate market. Several chocolate bars and samples are tasted, with repeat tasting, profiling and blind tasting to gain a full understanding.

Level 2 introduces the Institute’s online chocolate profiling system, which will be used throughout the course working with laptops of tablets.

The course is held over an intense three days and provides fuller understanding of fine chocolate and its flavour possibilities.

The course finishes on the final day with a 60 minute multiple choice exam based on the course content and a blind tasting test. Certificates will be issued upon achieving a pass mark.


Entry requirements

None. Level 1 Plus exams will be marked during the Level 2 course.

What's included
  • What is fine chocolate
  • Training the chocolate senses
  • The main origins and varieties of cacao
  • Cacao production, quality and flaws
  • How chocolate is made and how it affects flavour
  • Direct sourcing, sustainability and ethics
  • Chocolate types and styles
  • Sensory exploration, practice and physiology
  • Tasting practice and profiling with our online system
  • Understanding and tasting flaws in cacao and chocolate
  • Cacao farming and economics
  • Chocolate history from a taste perspective
  • Take away study guides
  • All the chocolate and sensory samples you will need
  • Certificate for exam passes
Who should take this course?

This course would be perfect for you if:

  • You want an in-depth start to your chocolate tasting journey
  • You’re a professional in the catering/pastry/fine chocolate industries and want to develop a full sensory understanding
  • You are considering launching a fine chocolate business
  • You want the ultimate, intensive gift the chocolate fanatic in your life
  • You want to develop your tasting skills towards a professional level