Origin Introduction Origin Study

About the course

The origin study program takes the subject of chocolate flavour study to a more detailed level, focusing on each cacao producing country – or region in larger countries. The program will give you the background and knowledge to fully understand the flavour profile of an origin based on its cacao genetics and introductions, climate, farming practices and the culture and history of the origin.

Origin Study is divided into two courses for each origin, beginning with an introductory course, which takes place in a classroom setting or can be taken online. You can then take your origin journey a step further with the Origin Field Study trip, which is based around a field visit to the origin, exploring the culture and cacao sources of the origin in person.

The Origin Introduction course includes tasting of a range of dark chocolate bars made from the origin , representing the traditional ‘classic’ flavour of the origin, as well as new varieties, trends and processes. Through classroom or online learning and tasting, cacao sources within the origin will be given context to help build your understanding of how the origin’s flavour profiles are created and how flavour differs across the origin.

Entry requirements

A pass in IICCT Certificate in Chocolate Tasting Level 2 is recommended but not required. The course will use the IICCT profiling system on www.seventypercent.com. Familiarity with the system is recommended before starting the course.

The course will be examined with a multiple choice exam and a blind tasting test to test your ability to recognise chocolate made from the origin.


What's included
  • Tasting and flavour profiling of 15 or more dark chocolate craft bars made with cacao from the origin
  • Tasting of commercial versions of the origin, including defect identification
  • An overview of the geography and history of the origin
  • An introduction to the types and varieties of cacao growing in the origin
  • A look at the main cacao producers in the region, including well-known names and lesser-known farms and cooperatives
  • A review of changes and developments in the origin, giving you an inside look at new processes and flavours coming from the origin
Who should take this course?
  • Certified IICCT tasters wishing to extend their chocolate learning
  • Tasters who want to develop their understanding of individual origins
  • Educators who want to develop their background knowledge
  • Chocolate makers who want to learn more about the source of the cacao they are using