Sensory Aroma Training Development modules

About the course

This module will be an excellent chance to widen your sensory experience and develop your inbuilt flavour ‘archetypes’, which are key to the IICCT approach to chocolate flavour and our understanding of the brain science of chocolate tasting.

This module is supplemental to our Chocolate Tasting program and will form part of the learning development that will be used for our more advanced level programs.

Entry requirements

The Sensory Aroma Training Workshop is open to anyone, there is no eligibility requirement.

There will be a short assessment at the end of the course, which will include a multiple choice and sensory element. Certificates will be given to attendees passing the assessment after the course has completed and the assessments have been marked and checked. (This may take several weeks after the end of the course).

What's included
  • Experience over 80 natural aroma samples
  • Learn in a classroom setting and in laboratory and retail visits
  • Presentations by our teachers and experts
  • A total sensory immersion experience during the course, including lunches and an evening meal
  • Sensory tasting of other foods or drinks
Who should take this course?
  • Chocolate Tasters who want to expand their personal flavour references
  • Chocolate makers looking for flavour matching ideas
  • Sensory experts seeking new experiences
  • Anyone looking for a wonderful sensory experience in the beautiful setting of Florence