• sensory preparation – understand how the different senses apply when tasting
  • creating and understanding cacao evaluation profiles
  • recognising cacao post-harvest defects through tasting
  • understanding the science of tasting and how this can be used in cacao quality
  • review of common approaches to flavour profiling
  • training in use of the IICCT electronic evaluation system and paper equivalents
  • understanding how cacao flavour is translated into chocolate flavour
  • learn about chocolate production techniques at different scales, from micro-batch to large-scale industrial and how these influence flavour
  • examine technical criteria for evaluating cacao and their relation to flavour and cacao value
  • quality control of post-harvest development through evaluation
  • quality control of fine cacao for market development
  • marketing through flavour
  • working with small chocolate makers, adapting the supply chain
  • direct sourcing with farmers to market fine cacao to new markets
  • the course will be assessed with a multiple choice exam and a tasting assessment