• 4 days
  • Sun - Wed, 14 - 17 May 2023
  • 9:00am - 4:30pm
  • Belmont Estate, Grenada
  • $875

Combined Foundation and Intermediate level courses in Chocolate Tasting.


Sorry you missed it

This course is no longer available. Please check our calendar for future dates.

Course details

Chocolate Tasting Course and Chocolate Festival with Belmont Estate cacao farm and factory

A great chance to take your Level 1 and 2 Certificate in Chocolate Tasting courses in the beautiful Caribbean island of Grenada. Join us at Belmont Estate and also enjoy a whole range of chocolate and cacao activities at the Grenada Chocolate Festival, which takes place during and after the course.

The course will be held in the grounds of Belmont Estate cacao farm, surrounded by cacao trees and the Belmont chocolate factory. A specially cooked Belmont lunch will be provided during the course days and you can book your stay at one of the hotel or lodging options suggested below.

The final day of Level 2 will include a guided walk in the Belmont farm for a live introduction to cacao varieties, running alongside the Chocolate Festival.


The course fee includes lunches but does not include travel to or from Grenada, hotels or other accommodation, but we can recommend the following venues on the north of the island, which are reachable for Belmont Estate each day:

  • Rainbow Inn
    $102.60 per night, inclusive of breakfast
    Rainbow Inn is an indigenous 15-room hotel with “Up-country! Heritage! and Sustainability!” at its core, and, serves as its theme. This profile is reflected in its classic country-side elegance; in the beauty, quiet smells, and sounds of nature; and in the care and warmth of our staff. Family-owned guest house located about 7 minutes walk from the Eastern town of Grenville and about 15 minutes from the course location at Belmont Estate.
  • Almost Paradise
    From $141 – $201 per night (3 nights min), 1 or 2 bedroom cottage
    Almost Paradise has five semi-eco self-catering holiday cottages and stunning views of the Grenadines, offering unique and private accommodation for those looking to relax and unwind. The on-site restaurant and bar are available to guests for breakfast, evening meals, and beverages, where you can enjoy a variety of wholesome, home-cooked food using fresh, local ingredients. The beach is a five-minute walk away, with numerous local trails to explore, and help and advice are always on hand for more adventurous excursions. The cottages are 15 minutes away from the course location at Belmont Estate.
  • Petite Anse
    $200 per night, inclusive of breakfast
    Petite Anse Hotel is a small beach-front boutique hotel in Grenada, set within five acres of lush tropical gardens. Leave your stressful working life behind and enter a refreshing haven that is laid-back and friendly. Petite Anse have 11 cottages, 2 hotel rooms, plenty of smiles, and an easygoing atmosphere. There’s a swimming pool, a palm-studded beach, a restaurant, and a bar. This location is also 15 minutes away from the course location at Belmont Estate.
  • Mt. Edgecombe
    $150 per night
    A hidden gem in the West Indies, nestled above the Caribbean Sea, Mount Edgecombe Plantation offers a stunning but serene plantation vacation experience. Today, as a small luxury boutique hotel, the traditional accommodation, sleeping up to 16, is surrounded by 28 acres of verdant and colorful flora, with over 40 types of aromatic spices, fruit, and vegetables. With its stunning, sheltered, and elevated location on the West Coast of Grenada, this historic plantation estate enjoys cool sea breezes, amazing sunsets, luscious grounds, and the panoramic views of the shimmering Caribbean Sea. About 1/2 hour from the course location.
  • Atma Island Living
    $99 – $150 USD per night, individual room | $405 USD per night– 3br/3bath Villa
    At Atma Island Living, we provide comfortable and luxurious accommodations to make your visit to Grenada even more memorable. Our beautiful, eco-friendly property can be booked individually and is located steps away from Bathway and Levera Beach. Each double occupancy room is fully equipped providing a peaceful retreat after a day of indulging in Belmont Estate Chocolate events. Atma is located 15 minutes away from the course location at Belmont Estate.

Grenada Chocolate Festival – Rum Edition

The chocolate festival takes place around the island from 16 – 21 May and 2023, the 10th anniversary of the festival, sees a special ‘rum edition’, including distillery visits and a chance to develop your understanding of a common chocolate flavour note.

The main program includes plantation days, chocolate making workshops, rum masterclasses, chocolate history, art and yoga, a chocolate dinner and closing party.

The final day of Level 2 will overlap with the festival, with a study of cacao varieties growing at Belmont Estate.

For full details of the program, see the festival website https://www.grenadachocolatefest.com/schedule/


Combined Level 1 & Level 2

About the course

The Combined course takes you directly through to Intermediate level in a concentrated four day workshop course, or a six week program of webinars and self study.

Level 1 provides in introduction to a sensorial approach to chocolate tasting and a good grounding in chocolate tasting, including tasting of 9 or more different origin or blended fine dark chocolate bars, tasted in different forms for an understanding of aroma, length, texture and taste.

The first day finishes with a 30 minute multiple choice exam for Level 1 based on the course content. Certificates will be issued upon achieving a pass mark.

The Level 2 intermediary course explores the world of fine and origin chocolate in greater depth, looking in detail at the styles of different chocolate makers and different approaches to chocolate making, from micro-batch to large scale. Treatment and flaws in cacao are examined as well as the chocolate production chain and how these contribute to flavour.

The course explores on chocolate history with an emphasis on taste and the current chocolate market. Over 25 chocolate bars and samples are tasted, with repeat tasting, profiling and blind tasting to gain a full understanding.

Level 2 introduces the Institute’s online chocolate profiling system, which will be used throughout the course working with laptops of tablets. Spare tablets will be provided if you are unable to bring your own device.

The course is held over an intense three days and provides fuller understanding of fine chocolate and its flavour possibilities.

The course finishes on the final day with a 60 minute multiple choice exam based on the course content and a blind tasting test. Certificates will be issued upon achieving a pass mark.


Entry requirements

None. Level 1 exams will be marked during the Level 2 course.

What's included
  • What is fine chocolate
  • Training the chocolate senses
  • The main origins and varieties of cacao
  • Cacao production, quality and flaws
  • How chocolate is made and how it affects flavour
  • Direct sourcing, sustainability and ethics
  • Chocolate types and styles
  • Sensory exploration, practice and physiology
  • Tasting practice and profiling with our online system
  • Understanding and tasting flaws in cacao and chocolate
  • Cacao farming and economics
  • Chocolate history from a taste perspective
  • Take away study guides
  • All the chocolate and sensory samples you will need
  • Certificate for exam passes
Who should take this course?

This course would be perfect for you if:

  • You want an in-depth start to your chocolate tasting journey
  • You’re a professional in the catering/pastry/fine chocolate industries and want to develop a full sensory understanding
  • You are considering launching a fine chocolate business
  • You want the ultimate, intensive gift the chocolate fanatic in your life
  • You want to develop your tasting skills towards a professional level